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  • After construction of a building or complex, post construction clean up is essential. BiView is the company called upon to deliver this kind of detail work.

    We have a team of trained personnel and the technology to serve you effectively. Our team is designed to take care of post construction chaos including:

    • Removal of cement, tar, and glue from floors and carpets.
    • Stain Removal from floors, carpets, furniture and appliances.
    • Disposal of post construction wastes.
    • Clean windows, walls and doors covered in dust and debris.
    • Sweep, wash and polish all hard surfaced floors.
    • Carpets steam cleaned.
    • Floor tiles stripped, sealed and waxed.
    • Pressure-wash exterior entrances and exterior walls surrounding the entrances, including parking lots.

    If you need post construction debris removed, call BiView immediately. We guarantee all service will be done in a timely manner and with exceptional care.