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  • Brilliant is a word that comes to mind at the sight of a bright, polished, well-maintained floor. Brilliant is the same word that characterizes floor surfaces professionally serviced by BiView.

    Did you know that using the wrong chemicals to clean or strip a floor can badly damage its surface? Also, it is just as harmful if an unsuitable finish is used.

    Whether you have chosen wood, marble, stone, granite, ceramic, terrazzo, quarry tiles, vinyl, or slate for your floors, BiView can design the appropriate service program for you!

    • We can provide daily clean and care,
    • Polish all floor surfaces,
    • High speed burnish,
    • Strip, seal, and wax.
    • We can grind, sand, and restore floor surfaces to its natural appearance.
    • Add more shine to its appearance and appeals.
    • We have the technology to change your slippery floor to an absolutely non-slippery brilliant floor.

    In order to prevent further damage caused by inexperienced and/or negligent maintenance personnel, contact us today! We can restore your floor surfaces to its natural exquisite presentation!