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Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5C5

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  • Consistency is the word that comes to mind at the sight of a professional caring management team. With a building that never closes its doors to live-in tenants and visitors, only an excellent Maintenance Program can guarantee you consistent and trouble free service.

    Did you know that many condominium maintenance personnel have not been properly trained? Quality inspections are not done regularly? When trouble arise, and problems are not solved, it is usually the result of improperly trained personnel and/or quality control programs that are not followed

    If you have problems with your maintenance and janitorial services, then contacting BiView is a must. We can design the appropriate service program for your condominium needs, by utilizing properly trained personnel and implementing maintenance programs designed to give you reliable top quality service.

    With BiView you will receive a maintenance program detailing:

    • Personnel Schedules
    • Floor Cleaning Schedules
    • Carpet Cleaning Schedules
    • Window Cleaning Schedules

    Biview will ensure you get trouble free service and an up to date inspection report of your property regularly.